The most important thing Elite Construction Rentals helps build is its employees.

Our team is made up of carpenters, trade specialists, laborers, estimators, mechanics, drivers, project managers, administrators and others who are dedicated to following our core values:

  • Perseverance – Dedicated to fulfill customer needs by overcoming any challenges

  • Leadership – By setting examples for others to follow, we lead with vision, accountability, coaching and mentoring

  • Integrity – We stand by our work and our word

This is a result of taking time to hire the best people available for each position – and offering attractive employee packages. These include:








What do our employees say about working at Elite Construction Rentals?

Evan Polos, Project Manager, says, “I am one of the three original employees at Elite. I came on board because I was given the opportunity to grow the company, and today we are more than ten times larger than when we started. I get satisfaction knowing that everyday I help our customers succeed in getting their jobs done, and that creates additional opportunities for the company to grow.”

Arnold Blackman, Laborer at Elite since its inception in 2003, says: “I like working at Elite because I am trusted to do my job and my decisions are supported and rewarded. I especially like seeing my projects when they are completed.”



Available Positions




  • Provide all manner of heavy construction, light construction, carpentry, support, demolition, revision, maintenance, repair and all manner of directed ‘other’ duties that present relative to all phases of preconstruction, construction and final detailing of a given project.

  • Duties can be that of constructing frames, structures, walls and complete buildings. Construction materials may be manually presented to specific work points or can be presented by forklift.

  • Carpenter works in parallel with the contracted entities providing construction services. This worker may be called upon to assist contractors relative to given needs, addresses small projects not contracted.

  • May have to receive, stack, store and potentially relocate given construction materials in order to provide given tasks or clear areas as need dictates.

  • The carpenter can use all manner of assistive devices in terms of buckets, hand trucks, push carts and fork lift to accomplish given tasks.

  • Duties can also include tasks associated with weather demands, such as clearing snow, monitoring and removal of infiltrated water and moisture, and preventing water damage from rain.

  • This position can work alone or as part of a crew of various numbers with and without supervision, and is expected to both carry out directed tasks and to also independently sustain productivity by performing routine duties and tasks without guidance.



Construction Field Manager

Key Responsibilities and Essential Functions:

  • Supervision of Field Supervisors

  • Oversee Field Personnel

  • Daily follow up with Field Supervisors to report status of completion

  • Attend kick off meetings with Project Manager, Field Supervisor, and Estimator to discuss the job and products

  • Assist in writing scopes of work and subcontractor contracts with Senior Project Manager

  • Work with Field Supervisor prior to being on site, determine what hardware/special tools will be required

  • Organize deliveries with Project Manager and Field Supervisor

  • Review data, plans, and specs to determine material and labor requirements

  • Organize and direct manpower requirements of both Elite and subcontractors based on job requirements

  • Schedule manpower daily, weekly, and monthly

  • Understand and discuss costs, projected schedules and bid requirements

  • Look ahead to organize procurement, staffing and measure production

  • Provide technical assistance by interpreting blue prints, recommending work processes and understanding product installation instructions

  • Work with Town Inspectors and Fire Marshalls to get complete inspection approvals and Certificate of Occupancy

  • Procurement of Material (including but not limited to drywall, acoustical ceiling, framing and general trade items with field supervisors)

  • Oversee the scheduling of sub-contractors

  • Manage the installation of our products and services

  • Visit all job sites weekly

  • Conduct regular job site meetings and inform team members of pertinent information  

  • Coordinate with the Senior Project Manager and Project Managers on progress of all jobs

  • Assist Human Resources on making sure employees are completing the timesheets accurately and in a timely manner

  • Work alongside less experienced employees to mentor/train them

  • Oversee Elite Safety Program

  • Conduct interviews for field carpenters and laborers

  • Training of new employees

  • Conduct performance appraisals for all field supervisors and other field personnel

  • Other related job duties as assigned


OUtside Sales Rep.


  • Supply lifts, generators, heaters, fencing, containers and consumables for the construction site

  • Cross sell with general trades products

  • Establish relationships with general contractors and subcontractors

  • Visit job sites. Gain support from General contractor so that subcontractors rent from Elite on current and future sites

  • Attend subcontractor meetings

  • Increase sales volume on rental and sales for Elite

  • Work with vendor supplier to find equipment

  • Make phone calls to new customers and follow up calls to existing customers

  • Maintain contact with dealers and distributors

  • Provide safety training to all Elite customers

  • Train and recertify employees to operate equipment safely on job sites

  • Cold call, direct email and perform other lead generation activities

  • Travel to different locations to make sales calls


Senior Project Manager


  • Attend kick off meetings with Estimator, Project Manager, and Field Supervisor to discuss the job and products

  • Supervise other Project Managers

  • Assist in buy out the job and set up vendors on Net 30 day terms

  • Assign tasks to Project Managers

  • Oversee preparation of submittals (this means assign it to someone or we do it ourselves)

  • Oversee the preparation of PO’s

  • Prepare the budget and rollout to Project Managers

  • Monitor and review all cost reports

  • Maintain current set of drawings (electronic or paper)

  • Oversee tracking of  RFI’s/COR’s/Sketches – watch for cost impact

  • Assist in writing change orders

  • Attend kick off meeting with Field Supervisor and Project Manager to discuss the job and products

  • Assist in ordering materials

  • Track all job start dates to coordinate manpower requirement with Construction Field Manager.

  • Line up subcontractors when required

  • Assist in coordinating vendors deliveries at the shop

  • Assist in receiving deliveries on site and in Shop

  • Attend job site meetings as required

  • Assist in providing Field Supervisor with installation instructions for all products

  • Maintain stock hardware required for installation and maintain stock levels

  • Communicate with customers, vendors and subcontractors

  • Manage and assist with the completion of cost reports

  • Assist Human Resources in interviewing candidates for field with Construction Field Manager

  • Assist in training of new hires

  • Conduct performance appraisal reviews of Project Managers and Project Engineers

  • Other related job duties as assigned